The Astoria Column

Astoria's Bicentennial Celebration will take place in 2011, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Astoria's founding in 1811. Click here for more information about the events that are planned throughout the year. Be sure to check back often for the most recent updates!night view

The Astoria Column has served for over 80 years as a beacon on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It sits in a wooded area 600 feet above sea level on Coxcomb Hill, Astoria, Oregon’s highest point. Majestic views of the countryside surrounding Astoria are the great Pacific Ocean to the west and the mighty Columbia River to the north. Snow-capped volcanoes of the Cascade Range rise to the east and Saddle Mountain reaches to the sky on the southern horizon. The story behind the Column, its deterioration and rescue by the Friends of Astoria Column, rivals the history it depicts. Learn more about its past and become part of its future by highlighting the topics on the left side of this screen.

  • Patterned after Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy
  • Constructed of: Concrete
  • Depth of foundation: 12 feet
  • Elevation, Coxcomb Hill: 600 feet
  • Height: 125 feet
  • Number of steps: 164
  • Number of cartoons: 12
  • Number of brown figures: 200
  • Length of artwork, unwound: 500+ feet
  • Decoration at top: State seal of Oregon
  • Completed in 1926
  • Dedicated July 22, 1926
  • Original cost: $27,133.96
  • Weather repair: 1936
  • Friends formed: 1988
  • Column restoration: $1 million 1995
  • Plaza restoration & lighting: $2 million 2004

building the column
Photo credits: Top, ©Robert Reynolds, Bottom, Astoria Historical Society