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1.  When was the Astoria Column constructed?


2.  Why was it built?

To celebrate the discovery, exploration, and settlement of the West.

3.  What is it made of?


4.  How much did it cost?


5.  Whose idea was it?

Ralph Budd, then-president of the Great Northern Railroad.

6.  Who was the architect?

Electus Darwin Litchfield, a New York architect.

7.  Who was the artist?

Atilio Pusteria, a New York artist who immigrated from Italy.

8.  What are the murals about?

The history of the Astoria area from the time before white man arrived, to the arrival of the railroad. Three particularly significant events are included: discovery of the Columbia River, the terminus of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the arrival of the ship Tonquin.

9.  What is the style of artwork called?

Sgraffito (skra-fe-to). It consists of a dark basecoat of plaster with white plaster laid over it, in which figures are scratched or etched.

10.  How tall is the Column?

125 feet

11.  How many steps is it to the top of the Column?


12. Where can I get one of the gliders to fly from the top of the Column?

They are sold at the onsite gift shop.