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Friends of the Column

Friends of Astoria Column, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation, stewardship and public education related to the Astoria Column. The group was formed in 1988 to raise funds for and oversee the Column’s first full art restoration—an endeavor totaling approximately $1 million that was completed in 1995. In 2005, the Friends of Astoria Column raised funds for and managed a subsequent restoration totaling $2 million, to include a new ADA-accessible granite plaza with benches, landscaping, night lighting and bollards. The group successful completed a full restoration of the Astoria Column’s artwork in October 2015 and resetting of the plaza pavers in 2016.

The Friends will soon undertake upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting. At the same time, the group is discussing development of a master plan for the park site.

Board Members

Honorary Chairs
The Hon. Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon
The Hon. Arline LaMear, Mayor of Astoria
Astor of Hever, Lord John Jacob

Jordan D. Schnitzer, Portland

Trudy Čitović, Portland
Bruce Conner, Astoria
Kevin LaCoste, Astoria
Mike Lindberg, Portland
Pam Lum, Astoria
David Olson, Portland
Cheryl Perrin, Portland
Thane Tienson, Portland
Gayle Timmerman, Portland
Willis Van Dusen, Astoria
Russ Warr, Astoria
Karen Whitman, Portland
Roxanne Williams-Morinville, Astoria

Ex-Officio Directors
Angela Cosby, Astoria
Mayor Arline LaMear, Astoria

Emeritus Directors
Michael Foster, Astoria
Edith Henningsgaard-Miller, Astoria
Eric Paulson, Astoria
Harold Snow, Astoria